May 28, 2013

BRITANIA - Right Down The Line

BRITANIA - Right Down The Line / Judy Brings Me Down (EMI 1973) 
A rough rocker with a catchy guitar sound by Portsmouth outfit Britania. The band, made up of Paul Martinelli (lvocals & guitar), Jeff Mort (lead guitar), Don Gallacher (bass) and John King (drums), released another single one year later called "Going Nowhere" on the Beep label. UK issue, produced by Martin Clarke.


  1. I think this must be the only reference to my old band Britania on the Internet. Still, that's show business. Paul Martinelli and Jeff Mort have sadly passed away. I am still going strong as a music supervisor in the film business.

  2. I listen to "Right Down The Line" fairly often. I love 70's glam rock and the song reminds me of early Aerosmith. It's got that vibe. Singer even has those Steven Tyler style phrasings. Good song. Hello Mr. Don Gallagher.