May 28, 2013

BRITANIA - Right Down The Line

BRITANIA - Right Down The Line / Judy Brings Me Down (EMI 1973) 
A rough rocker with a catchy guitar sound by Portsmouth outfit Britania. The band, made up of Paul Martinelli (lvocals & guitar), Jeff Mort (lead guitar), Don Gallacher (bass) and John King (drums), released another single one year later called "Going Nowhere" on the Beep label. UK issue, produced by Martin Clarke.

May 7, 2013


BROWNHILL STAMP DUTY - Kyrie Eleison / Who's Got The Love (Pye 1974) 
The b side, “Who’s Got The Love” is a soul-tinged glam rocking drum boogie stomper with a strong Glam-era Equals feel.
Thanks to Tim Purr.

April 22, 2013

RAPSAT - Natural Daisy

RAPSAT - Natural Daisy / Music Man (Atlantic 1973)
Nice glam pop number released in the early 70s by the popular Belgian musician Pierre Rapsat who stared his carrer at the end of the 60s in the heavy hard rock band Tenderfoot Kids. French pressing.

March 18, 2013

WELLINGTON - Alright I'll See You Tonight

WELLINGTON - Alright I'll See You Tonight (Concord 1973)
A good glam rocker released by Northampton band Wellington, which featured Dave Martin - who later joined the London punk rock band Chelsea. "Alright I'll See You Tonight" was followed by two other singles that you can listen to on Pure Pop Blog. UK issue, produced by Norman Hitchcock.

February 25, 2013

JOHN DU CANN - Where's The Show? / Hang Around

JOHN DU CANN - Where's The Show? / Hang Around (Arista 1977)
Great two-sider by Atomic Rooster guitarist John Du Cann who released three singles between 1977 and 1979, all produced by Francis Rossi of Status Quo. Rossi was also producer on Du Cann's solo album "The World's Not Big Enough". The album, described in Record Collector magazine at the time as sounding like "Quo mixed with the Sex Pistols", was recorded in 1977 but remained unreleased until the 90s when it came out on CD only. Enjoy!

 Hang Around

 Where's The Show? 

February 13, 2013

RABBIT - Too Much Rock 'n' Roll / Shake That Thing

RABBIT - Too Much Rock 'n' Roll / Shake That Thing (CBS 1976) 
Led by Dave Evans, singer of AC/DC with whom he released the single "Can I Seat Next To You, Girl" in 1974 prior to his being replaced by Bon Scott, Rabbit are rough and tough Aussie hard rockers who released two albums and about five singles before splitting up in 1977. "Too Much Rock 'n' Roll" is their third single, both sides are great. Dutch issue.

Too Much Rock 'n' Roll 

 Shake That Thing

January 30, 2013

TONY CONDOR - All Right Again

TONY CONDOR - All Right Again / Afraid Of loosing You (Bluebird 197?)
Here's a total obscurity: a wild rickety proto-punk/glam cruncher released on an unknown Belgian label, Bluebird Records. Enjoy!
Belgian Issue. Enjoy!

January 17, 2013


THE OUTER LIMITS - Dark Side Of The Moon / Black Boots (Decca 1971)
Killer Red Indians on the warpath-style glam stomper obscurity with loud handclaps and a catchy guitar riff (identical to the one used by the Stranglers in "Nice 'n' Sleaze" in 1978). The A side, "Dark Side Of The Moon", was also recorded as a demo by Elton John one year before.
Both tracks were written and produced by Ben Findon and Peter Shelley, UK issue.

December 11, 2012

REDHEAD - We Ran And We Ran / Lookin' For You

REDHEAD - We Ran And We Ran / Lookin' For You ( UK 1973) 
I finally got a copy of this brilliant two sider released on Jonathan King's UK label. "We Ran And We Ran" is a superior glam rock cruncher with pounding drums, catchy guitar and great production values produced by John Edward, who put his signature on other great junk shop glam singles such as Crackers and The Sensation. Enjoy!

We Ran And We Ran

Lookin' For You

December 4, 2012

FAT CHANCE - Driftin'

FAT CHANCE - Driftin' / Good Times We Had (Decca 1972) 
Here's a great version of US Potliquor's "Driftin", released by Dave Hunter's British pop act Rescue Co. No. 1 under the pseudonym Fat Chance. Nick Tauber, who produced such junkshop glam gems as Bubbles and Iron Virgin, and later such punk rock legends as Cock Sparrer and Slaughter And The Dogs, also puts his signature on this single. UK issue.