January 1, 2009


TROLL BROTHERS - You Turn Me On / Turn Out The Lights (SRT PRODUCTIONS 197?)

Review by Robin Wills (http://purepop1uk.blogspot.com)
A strange release this one, to me it has a strong frat rock (The Premiers, Swilling Medallions) feel mixed it with a bit of One Hit Wonders (Mike Berry). From the catalogue number I would suggest it came out in 73/74. My theory is that the band was a pseudonym for George Bellamy (Ex Tornados) possibly with fellow ex members such Clem Clattini. The original Tornados re-recorded Telstar around this is on SRT. SRT was George’s label and GeoBell music was his own publishing company.


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2010

    If you are any good at putting names to faces you could be in luck - I have a promo pic with my 45. It is signed by each member but the pen has badly faded. Most seem to have used Troll as their surname in Ramones stylee. I can make out Del, Pete & Phil but not the final member.

    1. This record is by a bunch of very young blind musicians from London. "Blind Dog Pete" as he is sometimes known is still active on the scene in Manchester & playing great drums. Next time I see him I'll pump him for more info!

  2. I know this is many years later, but two of those singing members are my Great Uncles. And one of my great uncles was their manager. One sadly has passed away.
    In family situations they always performed well, with great fun!