August 30, 2009


FIVE DOLLAR SHOES - Rain Train / Love Song (Neighborhood 1972)
A great single from a band that never received a great consideration in the New York City glam rock scene. Five Dollar Shoes included Gregg Diamond (also member of Jobriath backing band, The Creatures), Mike Millius, Tom Graves, Jim Gregory and Scott Woody. In addition to this record they also released another single called "Your Rock'n'Roll Band" and one LP that was recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York City´s Greenwich Village.
Produced by Peter Schekeryk.

August 23, 2009


KASNAT & KATZ FIGHTER SQUADRON - Picken' Up Sticks / All Fall Down (Hansa 1971)

The two greatest bubblegum producers, Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz together with Ritchie Cordell came out with another astonishing tune. The outstanding handclaps and the catchy guitar make "Picken' Up Sticks" sound a bit heavier than the usual Super K Productions' style. German press.

August 13, 2009

RED LINE EXPLOSION - Sweet Talking Mama

RED LINE EXPLOSION - Sweet Talking Mama / Evil Woman (Penny Farthing 1971)

Italian and German issues of Red Line Explosion´s "Sweet Talking Mama". The song sounds very much like "Take Off" by Kentucky Freeway always on Penny Farthing (check Purepop blog). Actually, both tracks were written and maybe performed by members of the Stamford Bridge group (John Carter, Ken Lewis, Russ Alquist). A Sunny Records Production.

August 4, 2009

SCREAMER - City Or Bust

SCREAMER - City Or Bust / I've Got Hairs (Arista 1975)
Not to confuse with the Screemer who released "Interplanetary Twist" and "In The City". This is another good tune that comes from another British obscure band. The record is produced by Pete Smith (who also wrote "City Or Bust") and Phil Chilton. Probably the same couple who released several songs for the "music library" and soundracks for movies such as the Italian "Delitto Al Circolo Del Tennis". UK press.