May 26, 2009

HOUND DOG - Rock 'n Roll Show

HOUND DOG - Rock 'n Roll Show / Singin' The Blues (Target 1973)

They should almost certainly be Dutch, however "Rock'n Roll Show" is a great song played in a rough Slade vein. The Belgian release is on Supreme, the copy above is the Dutch issue and it was released on Target, a label totally unknow to me. Produced by H.D. Production and Cees Beaudoux.

May 20, 2009

TASTY - Just a Little Too Much

TASTY - Just a Little Too Much / You're a Heartbreaker (DJM 1977)

As written between the cover notes of this promo copy, Tasty were a "five-piece band from Rugby". Besides the Bolanesque "Just a Little Too Much", the band released the single "A Summer Of Love" in 1976 always on DJM. Produced by Richie Tattersall, UK issue.

May 12, 2009

HARLOTS OF 42nd STREET - Cool Dude & Foxy Lady / Spray Paint Bandit

42nd STREET - Cool Dude & Foxy Lady / Spray Paint Bandit (Sunburst 1974)
"We used to compete with the Harlots of 42nd Street which was a group of guys who looked like truck drivers but dressed like the Dolls and wore, like, fishnet stockings over these big muscular hairy legs. They were my favourite band."
This is what David Johansen says during an interview about the Harlots Of 42nd Street. Formed by the guitarist Chris Harlott, this band, together with the New York Dolls, Magic Tramps, the Brats, Teenage Lust, and others glitter rock band of the time, dominated the NYC underground scene in the first half of the 70s. Here's a copy of their single on Sunburst records, produced by Seth Greenky.

Cool Dude & Foxy

Spray Paint Bandit

May 6, 2009

BIG BOY BLUE - Getting Hungry

BIG BOY BLUE - Getting Hungry / Lonely (Penny Farthing 1974)
Another great 45 on Penny Farthing from Big Boy Blue, who's nobody else but Barron Knights himself. Bass player Peter Langford is the author of both tracks of this single: "We were trying hard to get a hit record that was a serious song and we signed to Larry Page of Penny Farthing records in London and he released several tracks by us but to no avail. 'Your All I need' was quite good sales in Italy and Canada"