April 23, 2011


THE WILDFLOWER - Butterfly / Holly (United Artist 1969)
"Butterlfy" by The Wildflower is an amazing bubbleglum piece with great guitars and catchy vocal. The single was produced by Philadelphia-born producer John Madara and maybe performed by members of Californian band Gulliver, Tim Moore, Tom Sellers and Jim Helmer who released an LP the same year on Elektra label. US issue.

April 17, 2011

TRISTAR AIRBUS - Willie Morgan

TRISTAR AIRBUS - Willie Morgan / Travellin' Man (RCA 1972)
This catchy bubblegum tune by Tristar Airbus was a tribute song to Manchester United’s legendary football player Willie Morgan. The song was co-written by Graham Gouldman (10cc bass player, actually playing on both tracks) and Jeff Smith. UK issue.

April 1, 2011

ANTHONY BYGRAVES - Painted Lady / Love Star Ship

ANTHONY BYGRAVES - Painted Lady / Love Star Ship (Pye 1974)
I finally found a copy of this astonishing junk shop glam classic and much to my suprise, I was pleased to find out that the b side is on the same level of "Painted Lady"...listen to both sides below. UK issue, produced by David Reilly.

Painted Lady

Love Star Ship