January 26, 2009


THE SLOOPERS - Sloop / Radio (Frog 1975)

Behind the name Sloopers there's nothing but Phillippe Renaux aka "Rocket Men" (check Crazee Kids Sound blog http://crazeekids-music.blogspot.com). Originally pressed on Polydor in 1974, the above issue was released one year later by the Italian Frog Records.


So it wasn't a pseudonym! A London band with Dell and Phil Troll managed by a third Troll (Geoff). Unbelievable but true!

January 21, 2009

GNP - Can't We All

GNP - Can't We All / Can't We All (Metromedia 1972)
Gross National Productions, or GNP were one of the early 70s Boston more original bands. Their album "P-Flaps And Low Blows" and their single "Can't We All" were produced by the legendary New York Dolls "Too Much too Soon" producer Shadow Morton. US issue.

January 20, 2009

BZN - Goodbye Sue

BZN - Goodbye Sue (1975)
One of the most popular Dutch bands of the 70s, BZN (Band Zonder Naam or "Band Without a Name") produced some good glam singles such as "GoodBye Sue" and "Bad Bad Woman" issued in 1971.

January 8, 2009

TEARS - Ooh Lah

TEARS - Ooh Lah / Messalina (Gazell 1974)

During the 70s the Swedish Tears released some good glam rock singles and three albums of which I would recommend the first two. Their first album includes both songs recorded on this single, completing a totally "Sweet" stlyled work.

January 1, 2009


TROLL BROTHERS - You Turn Me On / Turn Out The Lights (SRT PRODUCTIONS 197?)

Review by Robin Wills (http://purepop1uk.blogspot.com)
A strange release this one, to me it has a strong frat rock (The Premiers, Swilling Medallions) feel mixed it with a bit of One Hit Wonders (Mike Berry). From the catalogue number I would suggest it came out in 73/74. My theory is that the band was a pseudonym for George Bellamy (Ex Tornados) possibly with fellow ex members such Clem Clattini. The original Tornados re-recorded Telstar around this is on SRT. SRT was George’s label and GeoBell music was his own publishing company.