May 24, 2011

JUNGLE JIM - Baby Go Down

JUNGLE JIM - Linda Love / Baby Go Down (Pye 1972)
Great rocker b side with fab guitar sound. Here's the second and last single by the British Jungle Jim, authors also of the single "Big Fat Oranguman" (you can listen to it in Purepop blog). UK issue, produced by Flotsam.

May 14, 2011

RENEGADE - Lovin' And Forgiving / Never Let Me Go

RENEGADE - Lovin' And Forgiving / Never Let Me Go (Parlophone 1973)
After a short-lived career in Italy with the Sorrows and after releasing the beautiful "You're Still Mine" with Eggy, Pip Witcher and Roger Lomas formed Renegade. They cut this weird, amazing two-sider, following it up one year later with the glam-punker "My Revolution". Portuguese issue, produced by Lomas/Ludvigsen.

Lovin' And Forgiving

Never Let Me Go

May 4, 2011


YELLOW CAT - Little Woman / Sissy (Lark 1974)
A bubbleglam stomper b side from the obscure Yellow Cat, which betrays an Equals influence.
Sound and vocals are strikingly similar to another Dutch nederglam piece called "Do It" by Black Fire. In fact, Van Olm is behind both singles as writer and producer. Probably both bands were his studio creations. Dutch Issue.