June 24, 2010


RANSOME HEAD - Sing / Wide Wide River (Decca 1971)
Originally issued on the York label, this is the French Decca edition of this killer fuzzed-up singalong from Peter Ransome and the writer of Slade's "Wild Winds Are Blowing", Bob Saker. Enjoy!

June 15, 2010

GANG - Complete Discography

GANG - Complete Discography (1975 - 1976)
Kev Munds, Paul Barker, John Fortescue, Gary Dabin and John Mortimer, were five pupils from Dacars Road School, London.
This teenage rockers wore Humphrey Bogart-style gangster suits and hats or brightly-coloured flared catsuits.
Gang were together for two whole years releasing the following three singles of superior bovver rock/glam pop/proto-punk. Here we go...

Run Run Run / Easy Come, Easy Go (Philips 1975)

Produced By Gerry Shury and Ron Rocker, Dutch pressing?
Run Run Run

Easy Come, Easy Go

Lightnin' Lady / Stranded (20th Century 1976)
Produced by Tony Atkins, German issue.
Lightnin' Lady


Mama Told Me, Papa Told Me /Lightnin' Lady (20th Century 1976)
A side produced by Craig Baguley and Paul David Wilson, Spanish pressing.
Mama Told Me, Papa Told Me

June 9, 2010

MINT - Dog Eats Dog

MINT - Dog Eats Dog / All Night Lover (President 1973)
The first and only single by Leicester's Mint on the President label, "Dog Eats Dog", penned by Steve Fern and produced by David Kassner, is a raw sounding stomper piece with a prominent guitar riff all the way through. UK pressing.