September 25, 2009

LIGHT FANTASTIC - We Are The Song / Raining

LIGHT FANTASTIC - We Are The Song / Raining (Blue Jean 1975)
Maybe their best single, together with "Take Me, Shake Me", which was released in 1974 and featured the great "Don't Let Go" on the b side, a song written by Light Fantastic but previously released by another British band, the Rats. Wolverhamptom's Light Fantastic toured with Mud, Showaddywaddy and did shows with The Sweet before breaking up in 1978 and forming the horror-rock band Nightmare who released the single "Great Balls of Fire" at the end of 1979.
"We Are The Song" was produced by Del spence while "Raining" by Bob Hopton.
UK issue.

We Are The Song


September 17, 2009

53rd + 3rd - Kingmaker

53rd + 3rd FEATURING THE SOUND OF SHAG - Chick-A-Boom / kingmaker (UK 1975)
A good mix of glam and powerpop. "Kingmaker" was written and produced by Jonathan King and issued on his own record label as the b side of Chick-A-Boom. German pressing.

September 11, 2009

CRACKERS - Judy, Judy, Judy

CRACKERS - Judy, Judy, Judy / instrumental version (Negram 1976)
Produced and co-written by John Edward (who also produced and penned Heatwave's nice "Sister Simon" single) for Istant Sound Productions, "Judy, Judy, Judy" is an amazing glam rock dancer/stomper tune with great guitar, catchy chorus and, of course...handclaps! Dutch issue.