March 30, 2009


JAILHOUSE - Ya Hoo Hoo / Bad End (Metronome 1972)

German issue of the Jailhouse's single "Ya Hoo Hoo".
As Hamlett's single "Where'd The day Go?", both single's traks were written by Cozzi, produced by Nat Kipner and released in 1972. Actually, the Hamlett and the Jailhouse may well be the same band playing with a different name. Who knows?

March 27, 2009

THE EQUALS - She Lives For Today

THE EQUALS - Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes / She Lives For Today (President 1974)
Ok, you may be thinking "that's just Equals". However, after having listened to this killer b side, written by the twin brothers Derv and Lincoln Gordon and produced by Eddy Grant (who left the band in 1971), I'm sure this'll turn into a "I couldn't be more wrong". German press.

March 20, 2009

ONKINSMOG - Miss Lucy / Revivalist Rock & Roll

ONKINSMOG - Miss Lucy / Revivalist Rock & Roll (Antic 1974)
Great two-sider by Onkinsmog, produced by the legendary English
singer-songwriter Dave Dee. UK issue.

Miss Lucy

Revivalist Rock & Roll

March 13, 2009

MIKE DOUGLAS - Rockin' Rollin' Baby

MIKE DOUGLAS - Long Live Rock n' Roll / Rockin' Rollin' Baby (Decca 1974)

UK issue of Mike Douglas' "Long Live Rock n' Roll" single, produced by Tatters and Marsh. Unfortunately I could not gather any other information about him.

March 5, 2009


CAPTAIN LOCKHEED & THE STARFIGHTERS - Ejection / Catch A Falling Starfighter (United artist 1973)

Space rock by Robert Clavert, former Hawkwind frontman, who also released an album as Captain Lockheed in 1974 featuring Arthur Brown, Brian Eno, Paul Rudolph, Lemmy and many others.