February 28, 2012

AXE - Running Wild

AXE - Running Wild / Sing, Sing, Sing (MCA 1972)
First single released by British obscure outfit, Axe. "Running Wild" is a great hard glam number which precedes the excellent "People Come, People Go" and "Puttin' Me Down" that's already on the Blog.
UK issue produced by Bill Kimber and Rod Alexander.

February 17, 2012

AGNES STRANGE - Give Yourself a Chance / Clever Fool

AGNES STRANGE - Give Yourself a Chanche / Clever Fool (Bird Nest 1975)

Formed in Southhampton in 1972 by John Westwood, Alan Green and Dave Rodwell, Agnes Strange released two singles (check Purepop blog) and two LPs between 1974 and 1977.
Hard rock, glam, proto punk, boogie rock...Both sides are great!
Produced by Dave Travis, UK issue.

Give Yourself a Chance

Clever Fool

February 3, 2012

PALADIN - Sweet Sweet Music

PALADIN - Sweet Sweet Music / Get One Together (Island / Bronze 1972)

Formed in Gloucestershire, England, Paladin released two singles and two LPs between 1971 and 1972. "Sweet Sweet Music" is a great glam rocker with a loud and rough guitar riff. German issue, produced by Gerry Bron.