March 23, 2011

MECKENBURG ZINC - Hard Working Woman

MECKENBURG ZINC - Hard Working Woman / I'd Like To Help You (Orange 1970)
First and only release by obscure Meckenburg Zinc, this is another Carter/Lewis production. "Hard Working Woman" is a brilliant pop number with a cool vocal arrangement, penned and maybe performed by John Carter together with Tony Maculay. UK issue

March 15, 2011

BENNY - Zwei Wie Wir

BENNY - Zwei Wie Wir / Der Erste Kuss - Die Ersten Tränen (Hansa 1974)

Here's a good kraut-glam number by 16 year-old German singer Benny Schnier who also released a cool version of Plastic Bertrand's "Ça Plane Pour Moi", called "Bin Wieder Frei".
"Zwei Wie Wir" is a pure Suzi Quatro performance with crunching guitar, handclaps and HEYs. German issue, produced by Frank Farian.

March 6, 2011



Originally written and released by Giorgio Moroder in Italian as
"Tu Sei Mio Padre".
The song was reprised by the British Chicory Tip and re-recorded in English, reaching #1 on the UK singles chart for three weeks in February 1972. Come on, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE!

GIORGIO - Tu Sei Mio Padre / Non Ci Sto (Ricordi International 1972)
Italian pressing, produced by Giorgio Moroder.

CHICORY TIP - Son Of My Father / Pride Comes Before a Fall (CBS 1972)

Dutch issue, produced by Roger Easterby and Des Champ.

March 1, 2011

FLAME - Isn't It Nice

FLAME - Checkin' On You / Isn't It Nice (Private Stock 1975)
Here's the second single from British teen band, Flame. Both songs were written and produced by The Tremelos' guitar and keyboards player Alan Blakley. Belgian issue.