December 28, 2010

THE EQUALS - Honey Bee

THE EQUALS - Honey Bee / Put Some Rock & Roll In Your Soul (President 1973)
So, here's the Equals' "Honey Bee" written and produced by Eddy Grant who, at that time, had already left the band to start his solo career.
Italian issue.

December 15, 2010


THE PIONEERS - Honey Bee / Hot Blooded Man (Trojan 1974)
This Junkshop bubbleglam gem by Jamaican reggae trio The Pioneers, really surprised me. "Honey Bee" is a pure Equals-style performance and it was infact produced by Eddy Grant. Another song called "Honey Bee" was released, one year before, by The Equals themselves and it will be the next post on this blog. Thanks to Enrico.

December 7, 2010

CROCODILE - We've Only Just Begun / I Can't Forget You

CROCODILE - We've Only Just Begun / I Can't Forget You (Decca 1977)
In the style of Downhill Racers or Dead End Kids, here's two good commercial sounding Teen-Glam-Pop numbers by obscure British combo Crocodile. German issue, produced by John Hudson, Chris Warren and Norman Hitchcock.

We've Only Just Begun

I Can't Forget You

November 28, 2010

CYMBAL AND CLINGER - The Pool Shooter / The Mookie Mookie Man

CYMBAL AND CLINGER - The Pool Shooter / The Mookie Mookie Man (Marina 1971)
Another amazing two sider by the Scottish-born American
producer/singer/songwriter Johnny Cymbal, penned and produced together with his partner Catherine (Peggy) Clinger with whom he released also an LP on the Chelsea label in 1972. Enjoy

The Pool Shooter

The Mookie Mookie Man

November 15, 2010

METHOD - Hold On Tight / Run, Run, Run

METHOD - Hold On Tight / Run, Run, Run (UK 1975)
UK pressing of this great Bill Clarke-produced single by Method, a band who released several records on the UK label in the second half of the 1970s. The a side is an ok punky number while "Run Run Run" is an astonishing glam rock stomper with crunching guitar and a catchy synth sound. Here we go...

Run, Run, Run

Hold On Tight

November 8, 2010


HOT CHOCOLATE - You'll Always Be a Friend / Go Go Girl (Columbia 1972)
A monstrous tune by the British Hot Chocolate. "Go Go Girl" is the b side of their sixth single and has a proto punk/garage feeling with an incredible rough guitar sound. German issue, produced by Errol Brown and tony Wilson

November 1, 2010

EARTH QUAKE - It's a Tall Order For a Short Guy / Mr. Security

Here are two great singles from San Francisco pop quintet Earth Quake. Formed in 1966 as Purple Earthquake, they released several records in the 70s mostly on Beserkley records, before splitting up in the early 80s.
Both songs on the single have an undoubted glam rock touch.

It's A Tall Order For a Short Guy / Same (UK 1974)
Promotional copy, produced By Mathew King Kaufman and Glen Kolotkin. US pressing.

Mr. Security / Madness (Beserkley 1973)
US issue, produced By Mathew King Kaufman and Glen Kolotkin.

October 23, 2010

ARIEL - Yeah Tonite

ARIEL - Yeah Tonite / (I Am The) Laughing Man (For Leo) (EMI 1974)
A brilliant glam pop tune released by Australian outfit Ariel, formed in mid-1973 after the breakup of Melbourne's legendary Spectrum. Australian issue, produced by Peter Dawkins.

October 9, 2010

SKY PONY - Jubeldown

SKY PONY - Jubeldown / Chubby (Decca 1970)
I'm totally in love with this obscure glammy/psych number written by Barry Green aka Barry Blue. "Jubeldown" has a really catchy melody and high production values. UK issue, produced by Colin Frechter.

October 1, 2010

ROYAL FLASH - The Queen And The Medley Band

ROYAL FLASH - Route 66 / The Queen And The Medley Band (Emi 1977)
Cool junkshop glam tune released by Belgian outfit Royal Flash. The a side is an ok version of Bobby Troup's "Route 66". Produced by Marc Hermant and Jack Say, Belgian pressing.

September 21, 2010

MASAI - Lightning

MASAI - Stranger To Myself / Lightning (Turbo 1982)
The British Masai released one full-length LP in the early eighties called "Good Boys Never Grumble" preceded by this high-enery boogie rock debut single issued on the obscure Turbo label. Produced by Peter Bullman and Masai, French issue.

September 14, 2010


AMERICAN MACHINE - Snowball / Sell Your Soul (Tower 1969)
The legendary Johnny Cymbal does his best with this amazing bubblegum single. "Snowball" has everything you expect from a bubblegum song.
US pressing, produced by Johnny Cymbal and George Tobin

September 1, 2010

SPLASH - Orangutang Boomerang

SPLASH - Orangutang Boomerang / Sunday Ride (Plask 1974)
"Orangutang Boomerang" by the Swedish Splash, is a granitic rock piece with a powerful bass line and catchy guitar riffs. The voice seems like a mix of Lemmy Kilmister and Skrewdriver's Ian Stuart and the Hammond on the backing track makes the sound even more compact. Here we go...

August 24, 2010

COLD FLY - Caterpillar

COLD FLY - Caterpillar / Yesterday Started For Judy (Bus Stop 1973)
Here's another brilliant record by Ricky Wilde's father Marty, aka Zappo.
"Caterpillar" is a pure T. Rex-style performance while the b side is an ok pop number written together with Peter Shelley. UK issue produced by Marty Wilde.

August 12, 2010

SCRUFF - Get Out Of My Way / Rock 'n' Roll Woman

SCRUFF - Get Out Of My Way / Rock 'n' Roll Woma (Track Record 1978)
Active from the beginning of 1977, Londoners Scruff released this high caliber glam/punk two-sider with strong guitar riffs and and catchy production values. UK issue, produced by Bill Kimber.

Get Out Of My Way

Rock 'n' Roll Woman

August 3, 2010

THE DOGGS - Billy's Gotta Run

THE DOGGS - Billy's Gotta Run / Why Do I Lie? (Chapter 1 1971)
Peter Lee Stirling - aka Daniel Boone - was behind this production, together with Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw, his co-members also in Rumplestiltskin and Hungry Wolf. UK pressing.

July 22, 2010

STEFAN AND THE WILD BOYS - The Wild Boys / Dying In St. Louis Gonna Make You Blue

STEFAN AND THE WILD BOYS - The Wild Boys / Dying In St. Louis Gonna Make You Blue (London 1976)
Here's the Belgian pressing of these amazing, Jerry Styler-produced
proto-punk/glam workouts by Stefan And The Wild Boys, featuring Canadian actor Stefan Angrym. Listen to both sides below.

The Wild Boys

Dying In St. Louis Gonna Make You Blue

July 13, 2010

KANSAS HOOK - Nervous Shakin' / Mr Universe

KANSAS HOOK - Nervous Shakin' / Mr Universe (Decca 1971)
UK pressing of second Kansas Hook single, a tough two-sider with hammond and crunching guitar. Both songs on this single were written by the bass player Julian Burrowes and produced by Tony Atkins. Kansas Hook actually performed on the Casuals' single "Tara Tiger" and on its b side "Nature's Child", a song that appeared also as the b side of "American Jam", a single released by Kansas Hook under the pseudonym American Jam Band.

Nervous Shakin'

Mr Universe

July 6, 2010


This is a kind of Purepop's "My Version is Better Than Yours", with the only difference that you can vote for your favourite one.
Here's a T.Rex-Style Roger Holman/Simon May composition performed by John Swail, aka Guy Darrel and the trio Blood Chains.

GUY DARREL - Suzie / What's Her Name (Santa Ponsa 1974)
Produced by Roger Esterby and Des Champ, UK pressing.

BLOOD CHAINS - Sizie / Tired Guy Of The Road (Telefunken 1975)
German issue, produced by Roger Holman and Simon May.

July 1, 2010

THE NEW HORIZONS (I Nuovi Orizzonti) - Going Back To The City

THE NEW HORIZONS (I Nuovi Orizzonti) - Going Back To The City / Ti Amo Ancora (T-N-H 1975)
I got this obscure Italian single trading some records with my friend Pierpaolo of Rave Up records. I have no idea who The New Horizons were, I can only see the names of the composer, E. Sica and the producer, F. Randone, on the record label.
As the title of the track suggests, the b side is a terrible love ballad but Coming Back To The City is worthy of your attention...

June 24, 2010


RANSOME HEAD - Sing / Wide Wide River (Decca 1971)
Originally issued on the York label, this is the French Decca edition of this killer fuzzed-up singalong from Peter Ransome and the writer of Slade's "Wild Winds Are Blowing", Bob Saker. Enjoy!

June 15, 2010

GANG - Complete Discography

GANG - Complete Discography (1975 - 1976)
Kev Munds, Paul Barker, John Fortescue, Gary Dabin and John Mortimer, were five pupils from Dacars Road School, London.
This teenage rockers wore Humphrey Bogart-style gangster suits and hats or brightly-coloured flared catsuits.
Gang were together for two whole years releasing the following three singles of superior bovver rock/glam pop/proto-punk. Here we go...

Run Run Run / Easy Come, Easy Go (Philips 1975)

Produced By Gerry Shury and Ron Rocker, Dutch pressing?
Run Run Run

Easy Come, Easy Go

Lightnin' Lady / Stranded (20th Century 1976)
Produced by Tony Atkins, German issue.
Lightnin' Lady


Mama Told Me, Papa Told Me /Lightnin' Lady (20th Century 1976)
A side produced by Craig Baguley and Paul David Wilson, Spanish pressing.
Mama Told Me, Papa Told Me

June 9, 2010

MINT - Dog Eats Dog

MINT - Dog Eats Dog / All Night Lover (President 1973)
The first and only single by Leicester's Mint on the President label, "Dog Eats Dog", penned by Steve Fern and produced by David Kassner, is a raw sounding stomper piece with a prominent guitar riff all the way through. UK pressing.

May 28, 2010

DARLING Lookin' Kinda Rock 'n' Rolled / Dead End Kids

DARLING Lookin' Kinda Rock 'n' Rolled / Dead End Kids (Charisma 1978)
French issue in nice coloured vinyl of Darling's first single. They were a British band born from the ashes of Slack Alice, they released three singles and one LP all on Charisma Records. Both sides of the single are a good mix of glam and powerpop with a touch of hard rock for good measure.

Lookin' Kinda Rock 'n' Rolled

Dead End Kids

May 15, 2010

RIMINGTON - In The Grip Of The Mullah

RIMINGTON - In The Grip Of The Mullah / Dragon Child (MAM 1973)
"In The Grip Of The Mullah" is a nice boogie/bubbleglam workout by this obscure British band. Rimington featured Tat Meager, writer of the song, who had previously drummed for Siren and Judd. The b side is the original instrumental version of "Dragon Child", a song that appeared on the flipside of Rats' "Don't Let Go" single.
Produced by Leapy Lee, UK pressing.

May 4, 2010


TRUE ADVENTURE - Where The Roxy Used To Be / Outlaw Love (Decca 1974)
Like Shambles, Starbuck, Prowler etc, True Adventure were one of the many short-lived projects from Brian Engel and Martin Briley, former members of the British psych-masters Mandrake Paddle Steamer.
Here's the b side of "Were The Roxy Used To Be", an amazing glam rockin' groover with a catchy sound. UK issue, produced by Pendulum Music.

April 23, 2010

CHILDREN - Billy Boy

CHILDREN - Billy Boy / Life Of Today (Basf / Reca 1973)
Although not on the same level as releases by their compatriots Walkers, "Billy Boy" is a fine example of Danish glam rock. Children were Finn Kollerup, Jørn Brun Pedersen, John Pedersen and Jens Sørensen. They released about six singles and one LP (you can listen to an extract on Crazee Kids blog) between 1973 and 1976. Danish pressing.

April 12, 2010

Winston - I Won't Let Anna Go

WINSTON - I Won't Let Anna Go / Brother Jim (York 1974)
Not sure if they are the same Winston who released the single "Mona" on Bradleys Records in 1973, and which is already on this blog. However, "I Won't Let Anna Go" is a cool glam pop song written by Michael Blount, who released several discs on York Records in the early 70s. Produced by co-founder of the Strawbs, Tony Hooper. UK issue.

April 6, 2010

RUBBER BAND Moonwalker

RUBBER BAND Moonwalker / Wichita (Young Blood 1973)
From the couple who wrote and produced many British records in the 60s and 70s, Alan David and Lionel Martin, here's Rubber Band.
The a side is a brilliant glam rock stomper piece with a cool wah wah guitar and handclaps. UK pressing, produced by Alan David.

March 26, 2010

MAL GREY & FLIGHT 56 - Look Out For Love

MAL GREY & FLIGHT 56 - Look Out For Love / Ballroom Queen (Arista 1975)
An interesting single with a great sound featuring Mal Gray, frontman of the British rock 'n' roll group The Wild Angels, who joined Flight 56 for a couple of tours at the end of 1974, releasing only this single and leaving the band some months later. UK issue, produced by Pete Cage.

March 17, 2010

MOYO - Hitparade / Engine Driver

MOYO - Hitparade / Engine Driver (Negram 1975)
Realeased on Hans Kellerman's Negram records, "Hitparade" is a pure T.Rex meets Chicory Tip and sounds like a Tony Atkins/Gerry Morris production. I'm not sure, but by the name on the label I suppose they were a Dutch band. Listen to both sides below...


Engine Driver

March 10, 2010

GREG ROBBINS - Virginia Creeper

GREG ROBBINS - Virginia Creeper / Shyzak (President 1973)
This lone release on President records testifies to the short career of this unknown British artist. However, his self-composed "Virginia Creeper", is a sublime and eccentric track that features garage, powerpop and punk elements. Produced by Ed Kassner, UK issue.

February 24, 2010

JIMMI JUKEBOX - Motor Boat / 25 Hours a Day

JIMMI JUKEBOX - Motor Boat / 25 Hours a Day (Chattahoochee 1973)
Finally I found a copy!
Jimmy Jukebox was nothing but one of the many Kim Fowley solo recording projects. Under this pseudonym he only released this superb single co-produced by himself and Michael Lloyd. Both sides are highly enjoyable...

Motor Boat

25 Hours a Day

February 16, 2010

NOW - I Wanna Be Free

NOW - I Wanna Be Free / People Are Standing (President 1973)
Here's another obscure British gem. "I Wanna Be Free" is a pure glam/psych number with catchy synth and a good dose of handclaps. Produced by David Kassner, German issue.

February 8, 2010

HAMMERHEAD - Summer Nites

HAMMERHEAD - Summer Nites / Jewels (GNP Crescendo 1975)
Hammerhead was a Los Angeles, California band formed in 1974 which released only one great single co-written with and produced by the ubiquitous Kim Fowley. Here’s what the guitarist Jeff Austin Addison, also founder of the band, wrote to me about the Hammerhead:
"Hammerhead, who played nearly every club in L.A. for years without a break, was a power trio plus an electric violin player and a lead singer, playing mostly originals and some covers. In 1975 I wrote "Summer Nights" with Kim Fowley, our producer.
Hammerhead signed with Crescendo Records.
The record played on KLOS frequently and across the U.S.A. We received good reviews from our Starwood gigs in the L.A. Times newspaper. However, the drummer flaked. It's too bad when good bands break up due to an ego problem.
When we played Gazzarris' on the Sunset Strip, sometimes during the song I would run out the front door of the club with my wireless connection to my guitar and play my lead in the middle of traffic in Sunset Blvd. The people cheered - they loved it. Then I ran back through the dancers up to the stage in time to start the next verse. That's a show!"


January 28, 2010

C. STAR - Bad Boy

C. STAR - Bad Boy / Alex (Jam 1973)
I couldn't find any information about this band, but "Bad Boy" is a groovy late psych, glam-oriented number with female vocals and loud fuzzed-up guitar. UK pressing, produced by R. Stoller and R. Star for Rhett Productions.

January 18, 2010

BULLET - Hobo / Sinister Minister

BULLET - Hobo / Sinister Minister (Purple 1972)
After they left Atomic Rooster in 1971 due to disagreements about the band's increasingly bluesy direction, John Du Cann and Paul Hammond, together with vocalist Al Shaw and John Gustafson, released this heavy proto-punk single under the name Bullet, the first release on Deep Purple's Purple Records label. Following this released they changed their name to Hard Stuff, leaning more heavily on aggressive guitar work. French issue, produced by Bullet.


Sinister Minister

January 9, 2010

MAYFLY - Johnny

MAYFLY - Johnny / From Now On (Ariola1974)
This nice glam/powerpop tune was the last work of Mayfly, a band formed in Bergen, Holland, which released five single and one LP between 1970 and 1975. Produced by Martin Duiser, Dutch issue.