February 5, 2009

VILLAIN - Photograph

VILLAIN - Photograph / You Should Know Me By Now (Bell 1975)
While searching for info about this obscure English band from Essex, I got in touch with Linda Hart and Steve Rowland, the Villain's producer who was also involved in many other band's chart hits production, such as "Come See Me" by the Pretty Things. Here's what the Californian producer wrote me about the Villain:
"The group was made up of five members. Linda Hart, the sexy lead vocalist, Bob Bloomfield on guitar, Billy Fyfield on drums and for my sins, I sang the male lead. I can not remember the name of fifth member that played bass. This whole project was put together after I laid eyes on lovely Lin Hart who had been brought to one of my recording sessions by Bob Bloomfield. One look and my blood started racing. Then off the top of my head I asked her if she could sing, as I had a song, ("Photograph") that I was hoping to find the right artist to make a recording. Linda Hart definitely fitted the bill. She was excited at the prospect. So was I. The next day Bob brought her back to the studio and I auditioned her for the project. Her voice, attitude and her knock out looks sealed the deal. Villain was formed and the rest is history".

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  1. I love this song, I used to have the 45rpm single but somehow mislaid it, wondering if I can get another copy? email me at wolfiesteel@live.co.uk, thanks.