March 27, 2009

THE EQUALS - She Lives For Today

THE EQUALS - Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes / She Lives For Today (President 1974)
Ok, you may be thinking "that's just Equals". However, after having listened to this killer b side, written by the twin brothers Derv and Lincoln Gordon and produced by Eddy Grant (who left the band in 1971), I'm sure this'll turn into a "I couldn't be more wrong". German press.


  1. Excellent song !! can I take it for "my BootPower vol.3" ? pleeeeaaaase !!!!!

  2. Of course Tony!
    Hey, do you know that Nicky Bulldog is an italian "fake" band??

  3. It's OK the Boot Power 3 is on line !

    Thanks, I haven't got any information about Nicky Bulldog.. so another very good italian 7" !!
    and Carol and the Boston Garden ?

  4. Great compilation! I was ready to put the Arzenboys on my blog.
    I still don't know about Carol & The boston Garden, but I don't think that is Italian.