July 18, 2009

GOOD HABIT - Find My Way Back Home

GOOD HABIT - Find My Way Back Home / Wild, Wild Child (RCA 1974)
Here's another good tune from another British obscure band which I couldn't find out much about. UK issue.


  1. Excellent to find this! As a schoolboy I used to hitch to see bands in the Braintree area in Essex and saw this band in a pub. They were from Penarth, South Wales, and they all wore full monk's habits. They got very hot in a tiny pub filled with smokers and the like!

  2. We followed this band for a few years right up till they morphed into 'Racing Cars'. the old days were the best Habit's 'Chicken Shack Stomp was legendary

  3. what a treat to find this.... saw em a million times in essex

    great great band and single still sounds hot