February 8, 2010

HAMMERHEAD - Summer Nites

HAMMERHEAD - Summer Nites / Jewels (GNP Crescendo 1975)
Hammerhead was a Los Angeles, California band formed in 1974 which released only one great single co-written with and produced by the ubiquitous Kim Fowley. Here’s what the guitarist Jeff Austin Addison, also founder of the band, wrote to me about the Hammerhead:
"Hammerhead, who played nearly every club in L.A. for years without a break, was a power trio plus an electric violin player and a lead singer, playing mostly originals and some covers. In 1975 I wrote "Summer Nights" with Kim Fowley, our producer.
Hammerhead signed with Crescendo Records.
The record played on KLOS frequently and across the U.S.A. We received good reviews from our Starwood gigs in the L.A. Times newspaper. However, the drummer flaked. It's too bad when good bands break up due to an ego problem.
When we played Gazzarris' on the Sunset Strip, sometimes during the song I would run out the front door of the club with my wireless connection to my guitar and play my lead in the middle of traffic in Sunset Blvd. The people cheered - they loved it. Then I ran back through the dancers up to the stage in time to start the next verse. That's a show!"



  1. The B side is all about receiving a BJ...all very 70s LA...

  2. Kickass Band!!
    When I told the lead singer of Warrant about this he told me it was bands like Hammerhead that paved the way for them.

  3. I was the bass player in Hammerhead. Jewels was written by singer Greg Sanford, who went on to front George Lynch's LA band, first named The Boys, then Exciter, before George and drummer Mick were picked up by Dokken. Hammerhead rocked. Austin failed to mention he used to burn his guitar on stage at Gazzari's. Fun times for everyone involved.