July 13, 2010

KANSAS HOOK - Nervous Shakin' / Mr Universe

KANSAS HOOK - Nervous Shakin' / Mr Universe (Decca 1971)
UK pressing of second Kansas Hook single, a tough two-sider with hammond and crunching guitar. Both songs on this single were written by the bass player Julian Burrowes and produced by Tony Atkins. Kansas Hook actually performed on the Casuals' single "Tara Tiger" and on its b side "Nature's Child", a song that appeared also as the b side of "American Jam", a single released by Kansas Hook under the pseudonym American Jam Band.

Nervous Shakin'

Mr Universe

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  1. I heard this song on a radio show on Swedish radio in 1971 and recorded it on reel-to-reel. Amazing to find it here in digital format! The guys playing here had a lot going on at the same time, for example "The World of Oz".