January 1, 2011

JAMES HOGG BAND - Gotta Be a Winner / Everybody Smile

JAMES HOGG BAND - Gotta Be a Winner / Everybody Smile (Regal Zonophone 1973)
The last and best single from this Welsh combo. Both tracks are tight guitarockers in the mould of pre-AC/DC Marcus Hook Roll Band. James Hogg released two more singles called "Lovely Lady Rock" and "California Blues" both on Regal Zonophone in 1972. Produced by Philip Sampson,
UK pressing.

Gotta Be a Winner

Everybody Smile


  1. The picture here is not the band who recorded the singles on view .
    The lead singer was myself (Robert Ashong)and one of the guitarists was a guy named Albert ,who played with us for a while, only two of the musicians pictured played on the any of the singles Gregg Harris lead / John LLoyd drums) recorded at air studios, which had its studio in oxford st London, they are now in Air Lyndhurst.

    1. Hi Robert.
      The Guitarist you refer to was Albert Kelly. Albert sadly passed away in August of this year. He continued to play throughout his life and never got the acclaim he deserved. RIP my old mate...