April 23, 2011


THE WILDFLOWER - Butterfly / Holly (United Artist 1969)
"Butterlfy" by The Wildflower is an amazing bubbleglum piece with great guitars and catchy vocal. The single was produced by Philadelphia-born producer John Madara and maybe performed by members of Californian band Gulliver, Tim Moore, Tom Sellers and Jim Helmer who released an LP the same year on Elektra label. US issue.


  1. This was recorded at Cameo Parkway studios in Philadelphia. The song was actually written by Tim Moore. John Madara had Moore writing for ASCAP and BMI as a staff writer. His ASCAP songs were credited to Tim Moore. His BMI songs were credited to J (Jim) Helmer who played drums for Moore's first band, the Muffins. Personnel: Tim Moore (all guitars, lead vocal), Tom Sellers (bass, organ pedals), Jim Helmer (drums).
    Moore had just become a staff writer for Madara, as Hall and Oates would become later. Tim Moore wrote many songs as a staff writer for Madara under both the Helmer and Moore names. One interesting note: Madara would record Moore songs as singles and sell them to labels in New York, each under a different band name: Wildflower, The Sun and others. All the bands were the same band – Moore, Sellers, Helmer. Butterfly is the first song and single the three players recorded after the Muffins disbanded.