July 16, 2011

JETT BLACK - Mademoiselle / You Make Everything Dirty

JETT BLACK - Mademoiselle / You Make Everything Dirty (Fiddlers 1977)
Great single by obscure US outfit Jett Black.
I couldn't find any info about this band, apart from a Canadian 80's AOR band with the same name, but I don't think it's the same group.
However, both tracks on this single are a tough combination of hard rock, glam and punk. "Mademoiselle" was written in 1976 but the single was released one year later. US issue produced by Jett Black & Michael Bruce.


You Make Everything Dirty


  1. Aaah. I missed out on this one a while back it's cool. I am assuming it's the same Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper) on production duties. The two other singles on Fiddler's worth looking out for are Holy Smoke and Adrenalin. Not sure what else was on that label...

  2. ... The Holy Smoke 7" is good too, never heard of Adrenalin. About Michael Bruce you're probably right!

  3. Tommy Court Mike DeMartino and I engineered most all the Fiddler's sessions. Check out Tommy's first album - Happy Dragon Band. Tommy is married to my sister. If you guys want more info - the memories are a little foggy, but I will try. Jim Romeo and Mike Skills from the Romantics were regular session players- we worked a lot with Dallas and Catfish Hodge, Johnny Bdanjek, the Rockets - we did some great gritty rock on one of the first 1/2" 8 Track recorders. There was also a cool collection of jazz by players who are still very active in the Detroit Music Scene - the core of Planet D Nonet were the horn players at Fiddlers - James O'Donnell, Rick Spangler, Paul Bauhoff, and many, many others.
    Holy Smoke was led by Chuck Miller and incredibly gifted guitar player. I went on to Fl and worked at Artisan with Jaco Pastorius and doing the Reggae Sunsplash live in 1983. Ah the memories..........

    1. Hey Scott,
      I'm looking to get in touch with Jett Black and Holy Smoke and/or buy these records. If you can help, please drop me a line at permanentwax (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. This is a band that hailed from Phoenix but moved to Detroit because they had the backing of Michael Bruce. I know the guitarist Mark Jeffords, his brother Jack (real name John) was the singer. Michale Bruce is from Phoenix also, and Jett Black were friends of his.