January 26, 2012

FUNKY FAMILY - Little Girl

FUNKY FAMILY - Little Girl / Rita (Aronda 1971)
First single by German band Funky Family who released the astonishing "Part Of My Life" a year later.
"Little Girl" is a beautiful psych/bubblepop piece with fuzzed-up guitar and handclaps, written and produced by the band leader Rainer Maria Ehrhardt.
German issue.


  1. A great & a happy song full of sunshine

  2. Very, very interesting post!!!. I appreciate it. Makes me remember to my mother... I'm 35 y.o. and i'm born in a spanish speaker country (specifically: PY)... Mama was a hippie... I've her 7 inch "voltops hits" record in bad state (this record have 4 tracks including the following artists: Chicory Tip, Redbone and Christie, and of course Funky Family with the same song), but your digitalisation sounds ten times better!!. Thank you sir (pardon for my poor english!).