May 26, 2012

FOGG - Just Like Me

FOGG - Water In My Wine / Just Like Me (EMI 1974) 
First single from Newcastle outfit Fogg, who released about five singles and one LP between 1974 and 1975 and who's line-up included Derek Rootham (who joined Geordie in 1978), David Robson, Chris McPherson and Robert Porteous. "Just Like Me" is a high-energy rocker that can really make you stomp your feet! Produced by Ian McLintock, UK pressing.


  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but I thought Captain Moonshine was their first. I think from 1971...

  2. Hi Robin, I think that Captain Moonshine it was released one year later, 1975...

  3. 'Doing The Best I Can' was the first single followed up by 'Water In My Wine' produced by Wally Allen from Pretty Things. Did better in Germany and got #1 status in one of their charts. Electrola commissioned an album and lead track was Captain Moonshine. This was released in Germany as a single only.