February 25, 2013

JOHN DU CANN - Where's The Show? / Hang Around

JOHN DU CANN - Where's The Show? / Hang Around (Arista 1977)
Great two-sider by Atomic Rooster guitarist John Du Cann who released three singles between 1977 and 1979, all produced by Francis Rossi of Status Quo. Rossi was also producer on Du Cann's solo album "The World's Not Big Enough". The album, described in Record Collector magazine at the time as sounding like "Quo mixed with the Sex Pistols", was recorded in 1977 but remained unreleased until the 90s when it came out on CD only. Enjoy!

 Hang Around

 Where's The Show? 


  1. Great single indeed! The CD is highly recommended! Brilliant stuff!


  2. bomba !!! io ho il singolo don't be a dummy, bomba pure quella ;)