March 14, 2012

ZEUS - Complete Discography

ZEUS - Complete Discography

Here are two great records by Austin based band ZEUS. Both singles came out the same year on Texas-based specialist jazz label, Fable.
Although my favourite track is "On The Steet", all their songs are great concoctions of hard rock, proto-punk and glam. High energy, catchy melodies and great production values. Enjoy!

ZEUS - On The Street / Don't Ask Me (Fable 1976)
Produced by Chet Himes and Zeus, US issue.
On The Street

Don't Ask Me

ZEUS - You Got Me / Take a Ride (Fable 1976)
Produced by Jay Podolnick, US issue.
You Got Me

Take a Ride


  1. Great singles and surprisingly copies of both were still available from a distributor in Texas. The link can be found somewhere on th elabel's website...

  2. ...yes, it's where I got both!

  3. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews.

  4. on I-Tunes you can download "Anthology Vol.1" and "Anthology Vol.2" from Zeus, does anybody know from where are the other tracks? I believe on "Anthology Vol.1" there are no demos, because all tracks are produced very good, had Zeus so many outtakes from just 2 singles??? I haven't downloaded "Anthology Vol.2" now, but on "Anthology Vol.1" all tracks are great.